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Hello, on ViewBug I am known as Tiger777, My photography is otherwise known as DiamondTiger Photography. My dream is to become a professional photographer. I am still young, (in my 20s).
I enjoy experimenting with different styles of photography, as well as using filters. But I do enjoy natural\original pictures. Black and white is my all time favorite though.
Looking through my pictures on ViewBug it probably is not clear as to what my favorite photography is. I love my models, (animals, dogs mostly, and people,) at this moment I do not have very many people to photograph, and am always looking for new faces.
I am looking to grow my skills in almost every area of photography, including my people skills.
Thank-you for reading this, I hope it doesn't bore you, I also hope you can learn something about me from this that you didn't know before. I am always open to advice, critisism, or just conversation. ~ Tiger

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